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... Jessica wiliam

You’re right. When a skateboard slows down, I think it need to change parts or buy a new board. But I try to clean it, its problem has been improved. It hasn’t slowed down anymore. So great.

... Alexandre ALVALeX

Rode my brother ALVAbreu’s Red Z-Flex in The mid seventies at The First BraZilian hALf pipe( Erick Willner’s ramp in Leblon/ Rio de Janeiro). It was heavier than my Wood board but kickturned easy & faster…Great Memories and unreAL decks since tem

... Chloe Flybynight

Hey there – I’m a beginner long boarder living in Perth – I’m curious as to where the first photo is taken – can you tell me? I recognised it as WA immediately!

... Keith Reynolds

I totally agree. I started at 40. My son got a cruiser from his uncle and it looked so fun I had to give it a try. We cruised around for that whole summer and in the winter gave skateboarding a try at a local indoor DIY park. Once I skated my first bowl i wanted to do nothing else.
Starting on a cruiser or longboard is a great way to start because they are quite stable and generally wider than a trick board.
I skated this morning with 3 guys ranging in age from 42 to 57. You’re never too old.