Speed is guaranteed with a new set of bearings from Cruisin City
Skateboard bearings are the most precision part of a skateboard. At Cruisin City, you’ll find a selection of premium bearings from top brands like Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co., Andale, Mini-Logo, Independent, and more! 
Many skate bearings use an ABEC rating system, ranging from ABEC 3, 5, or 7. The higher the rating, the more precision the bearing tolerance and RPM capability. Brands such as Bones or Andale use their own systems, classifying bearings as Skate Rated or Pro Rated. Most bearings contain polished steel balls under a removable outer shield, while higher end bearings may contain ceramic balls. As a general rule, the price of a bearing will reflect its quality.
You can greatly improve the life of your bearings by cleaning them regularly. We’ve put together detailed cleaning instructions in this blog post – Keep on Cruising: How to Clean Skateboard Bearings.