We LOVE 2 things:


. CRUISER skateboards

. ON-TIME DELIVERY of cruiser skateboards to our customers







Cruisin City, since 2012!


It all began during the summer of 2012, in Paris, France.

I had just left my job in a big insurance company – yeaaaah, I was FREE 😀 – when I came across an article dealing with Stereo cruiser skateboards.

Love at first sight. These colorful plastic skateboards made me acknowledge an opportunity to fulfill a child’s dream: open a skateshop!


So I worked hard to build my own website, from scratch, and put the first boards online.

And… it happened. After a few days only, the first order came, then another one, and another… Orders were coming mostly from France, and sometimes from England, Germany or Italy.


Long story short, things went well, then not so well. At the beginning of 2016, I resolved to take a new job… in an insurance company, as an in-house lawyer. Yeaaah duuude, so cooool! Back to priso… to reality.


But CruisinCity.com has remained online since the beginning, and in december 2018, the real Cruisin City is back!

We’re going to bring you lots of new cool cruisers and cruiser parts, with a lot of consideration for your happiness.

I don’t say this just to say something nice. It has always been a pleasure to make people feel happy from the moment they order to the moment they receive their order.

Hearing people say they are satisfied with the service and grateful for the experience are the best motivations!


So if you have any question, feel free to ask!


One thing about our organization: as I have said, CruisinCity.com was launched in Paris, France, and we still are based in Paris.

All orders are shipped from France and delivered in 2-4 days, depending on the country in which you have your order delivered, and shipping is free for orders over 45 €!


Welcome to Cruisin City!


Have fun and enjoy your session.



David L.