Oregon’s Finest: Willis Kimbel ‘thunder juicin’ in the new oj wheels video

Oregon’s Finest: Willis Kimbel ‘thunder juicin’ in the new oj wheels video

Bowls, vert, street, dirt, mountains – you name it and Willis Kimbel will skate it! Calling Willis an all-terrain ripper is an understatement. OJ Wheels just released a new promo video for their Thunder Juice wheels and gave them to possibly the most fitting skater on Earth to test them out – Willis!

The video, fittingly titled “Thunder Juicin’ through Oregon with Willis Kimbel” features him and his homies skating literally everything from amazing concrete parks to a dirt motocross track.

For those who don’t know, OJ’s Thunder Juice wheels feature a massive 75mm diameter, making it possible to skate just about anything. Now quit reading and check out the video below to see ‘em in action!

Of course, the new Thunder Juice video led us to click on more and more Willis Kimbel clips, such as this classic featuring Tony Hawk! Prepare for maximum Burnside carnage…

And there’s no way we could forget Willis’ Creature CSFU part from way back in 2012! It’s amazing how skating this gnarly just seems to get better with time. Not many dudes nowadays end their part with a 30 stair handrail followed by a fakie nosegrab handplant.

Just in time for the release of the new Thunder Juice video from OJ, Cruisin City is now stocked up with 75mm OJ Thunder Juice wheels! They feature the same OJ ‘Super Juice’ anti-chip urethane formula that you know and love, but just in a massive size for more fun. We wanted to make sure you can tear up the streets, or the forest, or anyplace else you can possibly find to skate! 

Check out the new Thunder Juice wheels here.

While you’re at it, we’ve also just added 7 new Creature Skateboards decks in stock – including the 9.57” Willis Kimbel ‘Origins’ pro model deck! Just throw on some Indy’s and you’ll be ready to shred just like Willis.

See Willis’ pro model ‘Origins’ deck here.

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