Why Dusters Cruisers are the Best Value-For-Money Cruiser SkateboardS

There are so many cruiser skateboards to choose from today. Dusters, Landyachtz, Penny, and Santa Cruz are all brands that we greatly trust and respect here at Cruisin City, but there are undeniable differences between each brand. 

From their components, graphics, and features, each of these brands have masterfully crafted a cruiser skateboard that’s best suited for a specific type of skater. However, with all these options, we began to ask ourselves, “what cruiser skateboard brand offers the best value for the money?”

So, how can you get the highest possible quality at the most reasonable price? After some consideration, our verdict was Dusters California. Here’s why:

The Components of Dusters California Cruiser Skateboards

Tensor Trucks – Name brand quality

All Dusters cruiser completes come professionally equipped with Tensor Trucks. Tensor has been around since 2000 and have consistently maintained their reputation of being one of the lightest premium skateboard trucks. Many cruisers on the market today use a standardized, non-name brand truck. The use of Tensor’s on Dusters completes gives them a precision and agile response of a modern professional-level skateboard.

Dusters Wheels – Designed for the board they’re on

Each Dusters cruiser is fitted with in-house manufactured Dusters wheels, meaning they were designed and created specifically for use on the cruiser they’re for. Dusters understands that their wheels are the connection between the board and pavement, meaning that they’re manufactured for the perfect level of grip that the cruiser model was intended for.

Abec 7 Bearings – Effortless speed

What’s a cruiser without effortless speed? Many cheaper cruisers reduce their price with lower quality components, often starting with the bearings. In reality, bearings affect the cruiser’s performance more than nearly all other components. All Dusters cruisers feature Abec 7 bearings, the highest commonly used skateboard bearing tolerance rating. You’ll be thankful for this after a few hundred pushes down the street.

Custom Griptape – A unique look guaranteed

You spend most of your time looking at the top of your board, so it might as well look good! Every Dusters cruiser comes with pre-applied premium griptape, always including a sick, custom Dusters logo cutout or graphic. 

Dusters California Cruiser Deck Graphics

It’s just the truth that the graphic makes the board! While some cruiser brands tend to stick to a similar theme or style, Dusters cruisers truly offer something for everyone.

On top of that, many of their designs feature original artwork with things like embossed graphics or natural woodgrain sections. This gives all of their boards a high-quality look that simply stands out from the crowd. 

Check out the Dusters ‘Prickly Heat’ cruiser in the photo above. This deck graphic was created by legendary artist Robt. Williams, founder of Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine.

The “397” on the graphic is textured and a “Robt. Williams” signature is embossed just under the top truck. This is a great example of the thought and quality that goes into Dusters graphics, and this is just one example!

Check out this limited Dusters KISS cruiser with embossed logos and special graphic griptape. If you prefer a clean and simple style, there are also many other Dusters cruisers with both vibrant colors or more relaxed and subtle looks.

Special Features of Dusters Cruisers

The special features found on many Dusters cruisers are really what sets them apart from other brands.

While many cruisers have wheel wells, Dusters goes above and beyond with some models, like the Dusters ‘Bird’ cruiser with custom squared wheel wells. Other models are equipped with a Dusters logo bottle opener right on the deck!

They also have some of the most impressively cool graphic griptape of any cruiser brand. For example, the graphic grip on the Dusters ‘Frucifer’ cruiser, beautifully coordinated with the unique and artistic deck graphic.

Why choose a Dusters California cruiser skateboard

When you compare the components, graphics, and features of Dusters California cruisers to that of other cruiser brands on the market today, you’re simply getting the best product for the price range they’re in. Dusters cruisers are not as expensive as their closest competitors such as Landyachtz.

However, they offer similar premium-quality and a ride that’s noticeably above most lower priced cruiser skateboards.

For skaters who are looking for a quality, dependable cruiser with performance you can feel, you absolutely can not go wrong with Dusters California.

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Text by Skatetexter.

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