Sustainability in Skateboarding: The Landyachtz ‘One Board One Tree’ Program

Sustainability in Skateboarding: The Landyachtz ‘One Board One Tree’ Program

It’s easy to forget that our beloved skateboards were once a tree in the forest.

With the millions of skateboards produced each year, it’s undeniable that skateboarding has an impact on our environment.

Due to its natural density and strength created by the cold environment it originates from, Canadian maple wood is a valuable commodity when it comes to quality skateboard production. Luckily, there are skateboarders and brands that are taking a stand for sustainability in skateboard manufacturing – Landyachtz is one of them!

Landyachtz has created a program they call ‘One Board One Tree’. As the name implies, for every Landyachtz skateboard that’s sold, one tree is planted in its place.

The best part is, this practice is not only sustainable, it’s actually beneficial to the environment in several ways. Landyachtz claims that one tree can produce around 60 skateboard decks.

Therefore, as part of the Landyachtz program, each of those 60 skateboards will contribute to the planting of one tree. Thus, a single tree cut down for Landyachtz skateboard production will yield 60 new trees!

New trees are not just planted anywhere as part of the ‘One Board One Tree’ program. In fact, they are planted around the world in places that need them most! Landyachtz has teamed up with three organizations to help them contribute to their cause.

The Eden Projects

The Eden Projects employs local citizens in communities around the world including Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, and more to plant trees in their regions. Areas are selected that face extreme deforestation issues and workers in poverty-stricken areas are paid a consistent income to provide for their families. Workers are trained and their projects regularly see a seeding survival rate of over 80%. Landyachtz works closely with the Eden Projects to assist in their global forestation efforts.

Tree Canada

Landyachtz skateboards are primarily sourced from hand-selected Canadian maple trees in southern Ontario. Tree Canada has worked to plant millions of trees across Canada. However, they also specifically plant trees in the areas where Landyachtz boards are sourced. Therefore, they are a close partner in ensuring that the environmental impact of Landyachtz production is sustainable in their immediate sourcing region.

Priceless Farms Ltd.

Priceless Farms operates primarily in Uganda. They are committed to developing organic agricultural landscapes in regions where years of poor forestry practices have damaged the natural environment. Priceless Farms employs a team of staff with farming experience to promote soil-building cycles and healthy forestation across Uganda. The Landyachtz founders personally know and work with the Priceless Farms founders to collaborate in their efforts.

While it’s difficult to accurately predict, it’s estimated that there are over 10 million active skateboarders in the world. That means each of these skaters owns or is regularly buying new skateboard decks. Statistics like these help us to understand the urgency of creating sustainable skateboard manufacturing practices. The Landyachtz ‘One Board One Tree’ program sets a standard of best practices in the realm of skate sustainability. 

In addition to the ‘One Board One Tree’ program, Landyachtz also produces decks, cruisers, and longboards using a special manufacturing process to reuse forgotten wood. Landyachtz Revival Series products use excess or salvaged wood veneers towards the construction of Revival Series products. 

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For more information on Landyachtz and the ‘One Board One Tree’ program, visit > One Board One Tree.

Text by Skatetexter

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