Penny ‘Melt’ 27″ Complete Cruiser




Yes, I chose to present a 27″ Penny cruiser, which is pretty rare. It is true that I prefer riding 22s rather than 27s when it comes to Penny Skateboards.

Why? Just because… to me, Penny skateboards means 22″ cruiser skateboards. Maybe this is stupid, but I consider that Penny makes the best 22s (or ‘mini cruisers’), while other brands, such as Dusters and Landyachtz, build excellent 25″ and up boards.

Just a question of feelings. But I found this board very nice, so I decided to expose it on the site.

So, if you happen to love 27s and that you’re visiting this page, don’t be disappointed by my words, I do respect 27ers too!



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