Penny ‘Casper’ 22″ Complete Cruiser




Look! Its’ another glow in the dark cruiser skateboard! They’re everywhere!!


The official presentation by Penny Skateboards: We’ve taken the old Penny glow in the dark hover board and given it an evil night time look with all black hardware.  One of our most popular completes,  charged by UV light during the day and glowing a green light by night. With its new hardware set up, you’ll look like your deck is a ghost. The Penny Casper 22″ glow in the dark Skateboard will have you skating from day to night…


Penny also says: Penny’s Classic 22″ glow in the dark Casper complete is set up to please. Using Penny’s secret plastic formula and a little glow additive, the deck is designed to perform with the right amount of strength and flex for the best ride anytime. Ghostly transparent white during the day and green lit by night!


“The right amount of strenght and flex for the best ride anytime”, that’s exactly why I love Penny cruisers so much!


Need more info? Check this out:


  • 22″ Plastic Deck
  • 3 inch aluminum Black powder coated trucks
  • 83A black cushions
  • 59mm, 83A wheels for a smooth ride (Oh yeaaah!)
  • Black high tensile deck bolts
  • Black and white Abec 7 stainless steel bearings



And for Casper fans, we’ve placed a few videos, pick the one you prefer…





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