Landyachtz DINGHY TURBO 28.5″ cruiser skateboard




It looks like Landyachtz pimped this cruiser to build a street monster.

Titanium axles, thin maple veneers, black fiberglass and “fast as hell Rocket Hawgs wheels” were combined to provide lighter weight, more speed and improved performance.


In detail, the Turbo cruiser features Titanium Polar Bear 105 trucks, Hollow Kingpins and Titanium axles, Rocket Hawgs wheels – Landyachtz took its top performing racing wheel, the Biggie Hawg, and shrunk it down “to make the fastest cruiser setup [they’ve] ever made”.


The dinghy has been Landyachtz “go to cruiser for nearly 20 years”. “Ideal for cruising the neighborhoods, beaches, and campuses of the world”.


Artist: Greg Nicholls

Lenght: 28.5″ | Width: 8″ | Wheel Base: 14.6″

Deck material: 7 Ply Canadian Maple With Fiberglass
Concave: Low
Flex: Low
Features: Kicktail, Flared Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Fiberglass, Low Concave
Setup: Titanium Polar Bear 105 with Hollow Kingpin, 63mm Rocket Hawgs Grey 76A, Bear Spaceball bearings





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