Madness Skateboards are unlike anything you’ve seen!

I think everyone has an interesting reaction the first time they see a Madness Skateboards deck in person.

My first experience seeing a Madness deck was a Tuesday afternoon at MACBA in Barcelona. I was standing there as this dude skated past me with a crazy looking shaped deck. He picked it up just as he went by me, I got a quick look at it, and honestly, my initial reaction was “What the fuuu…?!” The deck had multiple stained veneers with a split in the center, some crazy looking textured graphic that looked sick with it worn off a bit from boardslides, wheel wells, and something on the tail that shined in the light. As I looked a little closer, I read “Madness” on the graphic. My interest was piqued.  

Fast forward a few days later and I was looking for some new products to add to the Cruisin City shop through our distributor. As I’m looking through the ‘new products’ available, I’ll be damned if I didn’t see the deck I had just seen a few days ago! “There’s that board!” I thought. 

The specialization of Cruisin City is cruisers, old-school boards and shaped decks, so I immediately knew Madness Skateboards was a brand we just HAD to carry. After some quick google searches, I realized I had truly been sleeping on probably one of the dopest brands in years.  

One of the first things I came across was this Madness “Friends of the Desert” video from Summer 2019. I feel like this represents their brand (and how sick it is) quite well: 

If you were also unaware of how dope Madness Skateboards is (like my naïve self a few weeks ago), here’s a quick run-down: 

Who is/what are Madness Skateboards? 

– A team of unbelievably sick transition destroyers 
– A seriously unique and badass art style on their board graphics and in their videos 
– Super-premium decks with Resin 7 and Impact technology combined with insane shapes unique to Madness 

This brings us to the next point which remains truly shocking.

Despite the decks being loaded with features like textured graphics, pearlescent swirl inlays in the bottom ply, wheel wells, slick-bottom sections on the nose and tail, among other things, the decks are still priced the same as many standard seven-ply maple decks.  

I really can’t understand how it’s possible for Madness to sell decks at these prices. 

From a production point of view, they’ve somehow managed to include all these crazy features in their decks without upping the end price to something ridiculous. But as a consumer, I have to admit that it’s seriously awesome to get a deck this badass at a really affordable price

Plus, it’s not like quality is sacrificed as they’re produced under Dwindle Distribution. So, can you say, Impact Light shaped deck?! 

Nowadays, it goes without saying that we heavily back Madness Skateboards. We’ve recently added a huge collection of Madness decks to the shop and definitely plan to keep the latest releases stocked up at! 

Oh yeah, here’s that board I saw a dude skating at MACBA! See what I mean about all the features? Crazy. 

Madness Skateboards at 

View all Madness Decks on!

Text by Skatetexter. 

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