If you have a “skate everything” mentality or just want to learn more about skateboard brands, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most well-known brands in the skateboarding business: Landyachtz! Either in the streets or while browsing for boards at a local skate shop, it’s highly likely that you’ll spot a Landyachtz skateboard.  

Before becoming a writer, I used to work in the Landyachtz warehouse and distribution hub in Los Angeles. Part of our job was to ensure quality, test out new products, and distribute them to various skate shops all over the United States, Asia, and Europe. Witnessing the business and culture first-hand has pushed me to write this article. 

Longboarding in the United States has experienced a drought in sales in the last five years. However, Landyachtz has managed to shine through the struggling industry – coming out on top! It’s not without reason. 

Why is Landyachtz one of the top-selling skateboard brands? What has made this Canadian skateboard company stand out for the last 24 years? Read on to see. 

#1: Landyachtz is Versatile

Landyachtz is known for going above and beyond when it comes to designing their skateboards.

Besides the conventional skateboard, cruiser, and longboard shapes in their quiver, Landyachtz is known for thinking outside the box when creating their skateboard and longboard shapes.  

In addition to the fresh new shapes, they also release eye-catching graphics each year. As a fan and former employee of Landyachtz in California, trust me—processing orders can be very confusing because of how many different graphics come out each year! 

The Landyachtz Evo is one of their best-selling downhill longboard completes. It’s made out of solid Canadian maple pressed to perfection. Aside from this downhill race-winning longboard complete, Landyachtz has an extensive line of skateboards that are very versatile and can be used for different skateboarding disciplines and purposes.

Landyachtz Dinghy

The lineup of Landyachtz cruiser skateboards has become one of their most popular and top-selling products in the last decade.

Of these cruisers, the Landyachtz Dinghy has been their staple board. Ever since the Dinghy came out, they have consistently come out with new graphics and made only slight changes to the board’s design to improve it even more. 

Dinghy cruiser skateboards come equipped with Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, and Bear Spaceballs Bearings—a good combination for a versatile cruiser board. It’s also equipped with a kicktail so you can bust out tricks while cruising. However, what really makes this complete cruiser stand out are the unique, artistic, and eye-catching graphics. 

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The Dinghy is genuinely one of the best skateboards for commuting, cruising, and getting around town.  

Landyachtz ATV Series 

Aside from Dinghy Cruisers, Landyachtz also showcases their versatility slightly further with their ATV series skateboards. ATV boards are equipped for riding various types of terrain such as banks, ditches, grass, concrete, and asphalt.

If you’re a little adventurous (as Landyachtz hopes for you to be) you can even ride it on hard dirt roads.  

Some Landyachtz ATV boards feature a shape that resembles a more “old school” deck, while others take inspiration from a regular popsicle-shaped skateboards.

ATV completes are equipped with large, softer wheels that can take on various surfaces for true all-terrain riding. 


If you’re more into longboarding or want to learn how to longboard, Landyachtz also has an extensive range of longboards for downhill, cruising, and freestyle.

On the topic of versatility, Landyachtz recently released a shorter version of the classic “Evo” model. The 36-inch Landyachtz Evo is perfect for people who prefer a shorter deck for better control.  

However, one of their most versatile longboards is the Drop Carve. And just like the Dinghy, the Drop Carve also gets a new set of graphics every year.  

#2 Landyachtz is Skater-Owned and Skater-Operated

For those of you who don’t know, Landyachtz is owned and operated by OG Canadian skateboarders who wanted to create their own version of skateboards to travel around their school campus.

Eventually, they discovered that the skateboards they made could be used to navigate down hills quite well. 

Photo of Zack Keller, a Landyachtz employee and team member, applying grip tape on some Landyachtz Evo longboards, credits to Kotter Ramos for the snap 

Because Landyachtz is operated by people who understand skateboarding the most, they know what skaters want and give it to them.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I got hired at Landyachtz for being a skateboarder above anything else.  

#3: Landyachtz is Innovative 

Because their company started by creating their own version of skateboards, Landyachtz kept their dedication to push the limits of their own products and figuring out how to make them even better.  

Innovation is what gets people excited for upcoming products, and they showcased their passion for innovation by creating special skateboard deck constructions, such as their “Hollow Tech” line of skateboards.  

#4: Landyachtz is Consistent 

Through the ups and downs in the skateboarding industry, Landyachtz has remained consistent with the quality of their products. Every year, they never fail to bring out leading-edge boards. 

Whether it’s a new skateboard shape, design, or just rad new graphics for their most beloved models, they work year-round to create the best boards possible.  

(Photo of me applying new graphics on a Landyachtz Super Chief in the Landyachtz LA warehouse. Credit to Kotter Ramos for the Snap) 

Landyachtz also consistently has mid-year product releases. When working for Landyachtz, we would always showcase the latest lineup at skateboard conventions and hold local events to promote the new products each year.  

#5: Landyachtz is Worldwide 

No matter where you are in the world, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a Landyachtz skateboard.

This is a result of their persistence to become well-known worldwide and their dedication to delivering the best to everyone they can. I remember packing skateboards from the LA warehouse destined for different cities in France, South Korea, and Spain.  

Aside from the LA and Vancouver warehouses, Landyachtz also has trusted distributors around the globe.

Plus, Landyachtz sponsors events such as slide jams and downhill racing events around the world, which is a great way of promoting their brand (and skateboarding) globally.  

#6: Landyachtz Cares for the Environment

Skateboards are made from trees, and because Landyachtz produces thousands of boards each year, they decided to start an initiative to give back to mother nature.  

Landyachtz One Board One Tree Initiative 

The One Board One Tree initiative is just one great example of how Landyachtz actually cares for the environment. For every board that they sell, they plant one tree in it’s place.

They’ve partnered with organizations like The Eden Projects, TreeCanada, and Priceless Farms Ltd. to plant trees not only where they source their boards from, but around the world in places that stuggle with deforestation.  

The OBOT program has made a massive effort to offset the manufacturing effects of their business.

Imagine the number of trees that have been planted because of the number of boards they’ve sold since they started the program in 2016!

Giving back to nature and the skate community is in the DNA of the Landyachtz brand and is undeniably why so many skaters love to support them. 

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Landyachtz Revival Series Boards

Aside from the OBOT program, another incredible thing that they did for the environment was creating boards from recycled timber sitting at the bottom of Ruby Lake and Pacific Yew in Canada for decades.

These are limited edition boards that they first released sometime in 2016. 

#7: Landyachtz Promotes a Skate and Explore Mentality

Landyachtz doesn’t just provide skaters with high-quality skateboards – they also promote a skate and explore mentality! “Skate and Explore” has been one of their most popular mottos over the years and it shows in their genuine passion for skating. 

The Landyachtz team is always out to explore different spots around the world. If you’ve had the chance to watch some of their popular videos on the Landyachtz YouTube channel, you’ll notice that they skate all kinds of terrain.

Whether it’s a simple hill, a sick canyon road, a skatepark, or a natural rock formation, there’s a Landyachtz board that can skate it!

You don’t have to literally explore the whole world on your Landyachtz board to have fun. You can just explore your abilities and versatility as a skater from just about anywhere!

Because of their unique skateboard designs, I believe that this motto means that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one skating discipline, but rather explore the different skateboarding style – and enjoy the ride! 

Discover Your Next Landyachtz Skateboard – Whatever Shape It May Be!

With their love for skateboarding and innovation, I won’t be surprised if Landyachtz becomes even more popular in the years to come.

If you want to experience shredding on a Landyachtz skateboard for yourself, check out the Landyachtz Cruisers and the Landyachtz Longboards at Cruisin City!

Text by GB Castillo

The cover photo is a photo of “The Loco”: The Landyachtz team used to ride it to skate and explore, now it serves as a company breakroom for Landyachtz employees in LA. Credits to Kotter Ramos for the cool photo.

GB Castillo
Author: GB Castillo

Before I started writing about skateboarding, I worked in skateboard distribution and logistics. However, working in the skateboard industry was only a part of my experience. I gained most of my knowledge and experience from street skating, longboarding, and park skating because before anything else.... I am, and always will be, a "skateboarder.

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