John Gardner’s Cruisin’ Across America with OJ Wheels Super Juice!

At some point, every skater has probably dreamt of what it would be like to skate across America.

Like Forrest Gump running a cross country marathon, we imagine there’s no better feeling than throwing your board down and kick-pushing your way to freedom (at least until your legs get tired).

If you’ve ever seen the OJ Wheels Cruisin’ series on YouTube (here’s a link to the playlist), you can catch the OJ team riders testing out the latest and greatest OJ cruiser wheels on their terrain of choice.

However, John Gardner has taken cruisin’ to a whole new level in the latest video: Cruisin’ Across America!

From Long Beach, California to NJ Skateshop in New Jersey, John throws on a set of his new pro model Mini Super Juice wheels and hits the road.

Honestly though, is there any better wheel for a cross-country skate excursion?! 

John’s journey begins with a postcard he receives in Long Beach from his friends at NJ wishing for him to come home. With flights cancelled due to Covid and his car on bricks in the driveway, John gets an interesting idea when he sees a fresh set of Super Juice wheels sitting in his room.

John takes to the streets with nothing but his Bumbag backpack and a board under his feet! With the help of a few camera tricks, John is soon in Arizona shredding dirt tracks and ditch spots.

After cooling off in some dude’s pool, John finds a tunnel to skate that magically leads him to beautiful Pittsburgh, PA! Before you know it, he’s cruising the East Coast, hitchhiking, hitting some spots, and dodging rain before making it to Jersey City, only to reach NJ Skateshop after it’s closed. Beat from the trip, John gets some sleep on the bench out front the shop.

Check out John’s trip for yourself!

The real question is: What could OJ Wheels possibly come up with next to top John’s Cruisin’ Across America video?!

This is probably the most ultimate OJ “Cruisin’” video to date. Regardless, the point is that Super Juice Wheels can take you anywhere you want to go – even across America! 

Buttery smooth, chip-resistant urethane makes Super Juice one of the very best cruiser wheels out there. Be sure to check out OJ Wheels at Cruisin City as we always try to stay stocked up with the juice!

Finally, shout out to OJ Wheels, John Gardner (@jawngardner), Austin Leleu (@austinleleu), and Elias Parise (@eliasparise) for creating this epic video/journey!

Like the music? Check out Metalleg here.

Text by Skatetexter

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