How to make a difference in your city with Skate for Change

Change lives with the help of your skateboard.

As skateboarders, we spend a lot of our time in the streets. We’re truly active members of our communities and probably more in touch with what’s really happening in our city than most.

As a result, it’s also common for us to see and know the negative aspects of our city as well.

While our own city streets and skate spots might bring us joy and feel like a second home, for others, life “in the streets” is a harsh reality that they struggle to escape each day.

If you’ve ever wondered how to give back to your community while skating the places you love most, you need to check out Skate for Change.

What is Skate for Change?

Skate for Change describes their community as “a group of skaters and misfits taking care of the people on our streets”.

While it is possible to simply donate to their cause, Skate for Change may best be considered a social movement.

With a grassroots approach to community-based philanthropy, Skate for Change members personally seek out homeless or in-need citizens within their city to give them a helping hand on the spot.

The idea is that this process of personally reaching out can be done more efficiently (and more fun) when you grab a group of friends to skate, longboard, bike, etc. around your city.

This effectively uses skateboarding as a tool to create immediate, positive change in communities around the world – we can’t think of something better than that!

How do I get involved with Skate for Change?

There are several ways to get involved – the easiest way is literally just heading into your city and helping someone in need!

The Skate for Change philosophy is simple:
1. Get together with a group of friends, family, or anyone who wants to help
2. Get on your skateboards, longboards, bikes, etc., and go to your city
3. Hand out donations, socks, food, soap, hygiene products, clothing, or practically anything else useful to those in need.

If you’re at least 17 years old, you also have the chance to make an even bigger impact.
Skate for Change is always looking for City Leaders to start a chapter in their own city.

As a City Leader, you’ll help Skate for Change by:
– Researching existing issues in your city and planning ways to help
– Organizing events like “Day of Change” or “Socktober” in your city
– Gathering donations and hosting outings with locals, friends, family, etc. to help give back
– Being the voice of Skate for Change within your community

Anybody can make a difference with Skate for Change, but they’re always looking for City Leaders to spread their movement and promote positive change in even more communities.

Those who are interested can head to for further instructions on how to apply and make an impact in your city!

Text by Skatetexter.

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