Behind the Brand: Globe Skateboards

Without skateboard brands driving the innovation of skateboard products, skateboarding as we know it may not be what it is today.

In addition, without skateboarders who continue to buy products from these brands, the skateboarding industry wouldn’t be able to develop and progress — this is an important cycle within skateboarding.

There are a few skateboard brands that have withstood the test of time, shaping and innovating the skateboard products we know today. Even fewer brands have branched out beyond skate hard goods into shoes, apparel, and more.

Globe International Limited, also known as simply just Globe, is a skate and surf brand that has been around for decades—and their story is quite interesting.

It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to find skateboarders just about anywhere in the world wearing Globe skate shoes.

In fact, it’s been this way for a few decades now – why is that? What has Globe been doing right to keep their name on the map for so long?

Let’s find out as we take a look at the history of Globe, their team, products, and what makes them so meaningful to the global skateboarding community. 

The History of Globe Skateboards

Globe began with three Australian brothers; Matt, Stephen, and Peter Hill, who played a major part in the growth of skateboarding in Australia.

From Australia to around the Globe

Globe started as a skateboarding equipment importing business named Hardcore Enterprises.

Judging by the name, Hardcore Enterprises is all about the extreme counter-culture that few people and retailers really understood years ago.

Their brand played a major role in showing people how cool skateboarding really was by doing local skate demos and tours all over Australia. Eventually, they became a catalyst for the Australian board sports industry to grow.

Imagine, one small company influencing a nation! Not long after, Hardcore Enterprises developed the Globe skate shoe brand as we know it. They took their influence from the land down under to North America when they decided to expand.

In short, their decision to expand to North America grew the brand from creating shoes and apparel to creating skate hardware and more.

Now, they continue to improve their product designs and innovate skateboarding technology — making skateboards lighter, more durable, and just better looking to meet the different tastes of skaters around the world.

Globe Proprietary Brands and Third-Party Brands

Globe International Limited is currently the owner of several other rad brands you may know. They’re behind brands like Salty Crew, FXD Workwear, Impala Skate, and DOT Boards.

In their run of skateboard and streetwear distribution in Australia, Globe International Limited is a licensed distributor of the biggest brands such as Stüssy, Obey, Almost, Enjoi, Kryptonics, Girl, Chocolate, Thrasher, Flip, Lakai, Darkstar, The National Skateboard Co., X-Large, and more…

So, if you’ve purchased one of these brands in the past or present, it’s partially thanks to these three Australian brothers behind Globe and Hardcore Enterprises!

The Globe Skateboarding Team

Every successful skateboard brand has a team of talented skateboarders backing it.

Even since their earliest days, some of the world’s best professional skaters have been riding for Globe.

One of the biggest names to ever represent the brand is Rodney Mullen. Rodney is regarded around the world for his legendary status as an innovator of street skateboarding and the invention of many prolific tricks, such as the kickflip! Mullen’s unique style has influenced many young people to skate — even myself!

Other top pros such as Mark Appleyard and David Gonzalez are also prominent members of the Globe team.

If you’ve ever watched classic skate videos like Flip Skateboards “Sorry” and “Extremely Sorry,” you probably already know how gnarly these two skaters are. Their style would definitely entice even non-skaters to take up skateboarding.

Social Responsibility: Globe for the Globe

Even beyond the skateboarding community, Globe also places emphasis on being socially responsible.

For example, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, they’re committed to planting new trees to replace those used for their skateboard products.

Globe Skate Products

Now that you know how Globe emerged from Melbourne’s underground skateboarding scene to becoming a giant skateboard goods distributor to over 100 countries around the Globe, let’s discuss some of their most popular products.

Globe Cruiser Skateboards

Globe has a reputation for creating some of the best cruiser skateboards on the market.

From their rad deck shapes to their premium components and rad graphics, you simply can’t go wrong with a Globe cruiser.

When buying a Globe cruiser complete, their boards come professionally pre-assembled and are designed to offer the perfect combination of trucks and wheels for optimum performance.

Whether going to school, work, or just cruising the streets, Globe cruisers make every journey a whole lot more fun!

Globe cruisers come in a variety of different sizes to meet your demands.

Globe Complete Skateboards

If you’re a beginner and looking to get started on the right foot, a Globe complete is one of the best choices out there.

Globe completes feature the same components and quality as a professional-grade skateboard. That way, your board won’t hold you back as your skating progresses.

Globe completes are generally equipped with Tensor or Slant Trucks, quality bearings, and wheels with a proper hardness to suit the skate terrain the board is intended for (hard for street skating).

Overall, the quality of these components is generally some of the best on the market for complete skateboards.

Globe Longboards

Considering the innovation that Globe has brought to standard skateboard decks, imagine what Globe longboards have to offer!

Using the same resin-7 epoxy glue formula and solid hardrock maple wood, Globe longboards are built to withstand gnarly downhill racing as well as casual cruising with performance when you need it.

Globe complete longboard setups will definitely get you to your destination fast and in style!

In addition, their longboards are equipped with premium Tensor reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks, allowing you to surf the concrete like a beast!

Globe Skateboard Decks

With the acquisition of Dwindle Distribution, formerly DSM, Globe gained direct access to create some of the world’s best skateboard decks.

If you ask just about any knowledgeable skater, they’ll tell you that any board made by DSM is durable, strong, and made with a pop that lasts.

Decks made by DSM are crafted using premium hard-rock maple. DSM has especially perfected the resin compound used to hold the plies of their decks together, such as their “Resin-7” formula. This resin is superior to the water-based glue that some other skateboard manufacturers use for its strength and longevity. In addition, epoxy resin makes their decks lighter for flip tricks, stronger for landing massive drops, and less prone to warping and damage.

Because each of their decks is pressed individually, it results in a consistent concave, so you know you are getting a quality, consistent board shape every time.

In addition to their deck technology, what makes them stand out visually is their awesome, artistic graphics.

Whether it’s a longboard, skateboard, or cruiser skateboard, Globe has sweet graphics for every skater.

Skateboard Deck Innovation

Globe has been a pioneer in making skate decks lighter, more robust, and perfecting the ideal concave.

For Globe longboards and cruiser skateboards, you’ll find unique wheel wells on many of their boards so you can ride loose trucks without experiencing death by wheel bite!

Also, some of their decks are equipped with cool features like bottle openers to crack open a cold one while you ride!

Tensor Trucks

Even way back in the early 2000s, Tensor Trucks have been known for having the lightest trucks on the market.

Lightweight truck designs have always been the name of the game for Tensor, beloved by technical street skaters around the world!

With decades of research and development, Tensor Trucks have received many enhancements to make them even lighter and stronger against breakage.

Here are a few of their most popular models:

Tensor Maglight Trucks

Tensor Maglight trucks are their all-terrain geometry trucks that come equipped on many Globe complete skateboards.

They’re made with aluminum and magnesium alloy to create a super light truck with tons of strength, allowing you to grind, skate downstairs, and basically just go hard on your trucks without worrying about breaking them.

Aluminum Trucks

Tensor’s collection of raw and painted aluminum trucks are still one of the best bangs for your buck on the market!

Although they might not be as light as their Maglight line of trucks, Tensor aluminum trucks are incredibly light, much more than most major truck brands today.

You can get reverse kingpin Tensor trucks on complete longboards and traditional kingpin trucks for cruisers and standard skateboard completes.

The Journey of Globe Continues

The relentless nature of Globe continues to influence and innovate skateboarding around the world.

Even as many new skate brands continue to emerge, Globe has held a steady position as a market leader in skateboarding for many years – a testament to their quality and devotion to skateboarding!

Be sure to check out the latest and greatest Globe skateboards and products available at Cruisin City. From cruiser skateboards to street completes, Cruisin City is a proud supporter of Globe!

Article written by GB Castillo

GB Castillo
Author: GB Castillo

Before I started writing about skateboarding, I worked in skateboard distribution and logistics. However, working in the skateboard industry was only a part of my experience. I gained most of my knowledge and experience from street skating, longboarding, and park skating because before anything else.... I am, and always will be, a "skateboarder.

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