Getting Tech with the New Mini Super Juice Wheels from OJ!

No need to swap out your cruiser wheels for street wheels when you want to skate a spot – OJ has got your back! The new OJ Mini Super Juice wheels take the time-tested Super Juice urethane formula and shrink it down to 55mm. If you love skating Super Juice but want a more versatile wheel that you can get technical with in the streets – the mini version is for you!

Most wheels with a soft 78a durometer range between 58mm-62mm, including the original Super Juice lineup. While a wheel this size can offer great downhill speed, it limits your capabilities for flip tricks or street skating and can result in wheelbite with most trucks.

The Mini Super Juice wheels give you the same super-smooth ride that you expect from Super Juice urethane, without the weight of a larger wheel. Ledges, rails, banks, flatground, and transition are all fair game with Mini Super Juice wheels! 

If you have a rough DIY spot to skate or you live someplace with terrible pavement, these wheels will be your lifesaver. Especially on the East Coast or regions of Europe with many brick sidewalks, Super Juice will blast through the crust while the 55mm diameter still offers you the control of a smaller street wheel. A hard-plastic core keeps your bearings securely locked in place and helps reduce overall weight as well. Plus, the Super Juice graphic on each wheel gives your set-up a super groovy look! 

The OJ Mini Super Juice wheels are now available in the Cruisin City online shop! Be sure to check out the Nora Vasconcellos and Nick Boserio pro model versions of the wheels too!

Watch Ryan Townley shred through the streets of Los Angeles with a fresh set of Mini Super Juice wheels in this video from OJ – Beers included!

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