Dinghy, Tugboat, or ATV: What are the differences between these 3 Types of Landyachtz skateboards?

Just by reading this article, you’re probably at least considering buying a real, premium-quality skateboard.

Landyachtz truly sets the highest standard when it comes to cruisers and skateboards in general.

The secret lies in the brand’s components, designed in-house for each board they’re professionally fitted to.

At a glance, you’ll notice that there are several different shapes and sizes of Landyachtz boards.

Each of these models are specially made for certain types of skating and skaters.

A common question among Landyachtz skaters is “What’s the difference between the Dinghy, the Tugboat, and ATV skateboards?

All three of these boards are staples in the Landyachtz lineup, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. But, their differences make them better for certain things.

Read below for a clear comparison between the Landyachtz Dinghy, Tugboat, and ATV skateboards!

Landyachtz Dinghy: The Classic

The Dinghy is the most iconic Landyachtz cruiser model.

Built for fun since day one, the Dinghy has been around since 2000 and has established a reputation as a top premium cruiser skateboard.

The compact design gives it unparalleled agility for a responsive and wildly fun ride.

In addition, the design is practical and easy to bring along with you when traveling or commuting.

Landyachtz has specially designed its own trucks and wheels for the Dinghy. Therefore, all Dinghys are the result of years of fine-tuning to craft the exact cruising experience they’re intended for.

Narrow Polar Bear 105 trucks are combined with super grippy Fatty Hawgs wheels to hold onto the pavement as you shred through carves.

Ideal for: skaters who want an agile and versatile cruiser, perfect for commuting to school/work as well as just having fun shredding the streets.

Lightweight and portable, the Dinghy is your ultimate everyday cruiser!

See the speed and agility of the Dinghy in this short video:

Want to read more in-depth about the Dinghy?

Check out our post: Why you should consider the Landyachtz Dinghy for your next cruiser skateboard!

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Landyachtz Tugboat: a wider ride for more stability

It might as well be called the “Dinghy XL” – the Tugboat is the larger version of the classic Dinghy!

Wider board, wider trucks, and… smaller wheels? That’s right, not everything is bigger on the Tugboat – but for good reason!

Due to the wider trucks and board, the Tugboat actually uses smaller wheels to prevent wheel bite (the wheels rubbing on the deck during turns).

Don’t worry, this only improves the Tugboat! Similar to the Dinghy, Landyachtz has also created trucks and wheels specifically for the Tugboat.

It has larger, 155mm Polar Bear trucks and 60mm Fatty Hawgs wheels. It grips the pavement like a champ and the wider trucks are capable of grind tricks on ramps/transition if you’re into that.

Ideal for: skaters who like the shape of the Dinghy, but prefer a wider, more stable ride.

The Tugboat design is more like an old school skateboard. Larger skaters or skaters who like to skate really fast, downhill, or skate transition like bowls and ditches will most likely prefer the Tugboat over the Dinghy.

Check out this honest review/comparison of the Tugboat by Youtuber Raychristofer:

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Landyachtz ATV: Built for any terrain

ATV boards are quite simply the “all-terrain vehicle” of the Landyachtz lineup!

There are several shapes of ATV skateboards. What they all have in common is a more defined nose and tail.

The ATVs bring more of a traditional skateboard shape and feel.

This allows them to be used for basic tricks like ollies, shuv-its, and kickflips.

In addition, all ATVs come with soft Chubby Hawgs wheels.

These wheels give the board a smooth ride as well as giving it it’s “all-terrain” ability, capable of shredding crusty spots like drainage ditches.

You’ll never look at skate spots the same with an ATV, the possibilities are endless!

Ideal for: skaters who want no limits when it comes to their skating.

ATV boards can skate skateparks, rough skate spots, hills, you name it!

Advanced tricks are not off-limits either. The current ATV models are quite wide, making them best suited for adult skaters.

As of 2020, the ATV series includes the Rally Cat, Ditch Life, Sidewalker, Perfecto, and Classic models.

Check out the video below to see each model in action!

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Still need some help?

If you still aren’t sure which Landyachtz board is best for you, we’d love to help!

Just write us on our contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Happy ‘Landyachtz’ cruising from Cruisin City!

Text by Skatetexter

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