Cruiser Parts

Cruiser looking worn out? Upgrade with new cruiser parts!
You can only shred the streets for so long before your cruiser gets shredded too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Cruisin City online shop features all the cruiser parts you’ll need to keep on cruising.

Carving and powerslides will eventually wear out your cruiser wheels, making your ride slower and less smooth. A common replacement part of cruiser skateboards are the wheels. Cruisin City stocks high-quality wheels from the best brands like OJ Wheels, Bones Wheels, Dusters, Ricta, and Penny. Cruiser skateboard wheels generally have a soft durometer ranging from 78A to 83A. You’ll find various wheel sizes and durometers to give your cruiser the perfectly smooth ride you desire.

If you’re looking to customize your cruiser, why not check out our replacement hardware, bushings, or even some slide rails?! Slide rails can be attached to any wooden cruiser deck, allowing your board to slide effortlessly over curbs, ledges, rails, and coping. Plus, they will protect your precious deck graphic!