Born in the Wrong Era: Erick Winkowski Rider Spotlight

Nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up in the hyper ‘tech’ world of street skating that we live in.

Tricks like a nollie backside heel to switch 5-0 revert come to mind from skaters like Mark Suciu, but skateboarding is and always has been whatever you make it.

Lucky for us, style and creativity are present in many forms of skateboarding today. It’s not like the early 90’s anymore – skateboarding is celebrated from the streets to the vert ramps, on popsicle decks and on ‘old-school’ boards with every shape imaginable. The latter of which just happens to be where rippers like Erick Winkowski shine.

Erick Winkowski, known to many on Instagram as @8ballr, is simply in a different league of modern skateboarding. It’s hard to categorize Erick as a street or transition skater. If you watch basically any Winkowski video part, you’ll see him grinding massive handrails, flipping over massive sets and gaps, but there’s a good chance you’ll also see him doing inverts in the deep end of a pool. Did we mention that most of his skating is done on classic board shapes from the 1980’s?! Yeah, imagine doing a front shuv or back 360 down a huge set with a totally flat nosed board. 

If there’s any way to describe Erick – it’s 100% skateboarder.

Even though Erick originates from San Diego, based on his sponsors, he’s deeply connected with the crew at NHS Fun Factory in Santa Cruz, California. His sponsors include NHS brands like Santa Cruz, Independent, OJ Wheels, Mob, and Bronson.

A humble dude, you can tell that Erick is passionate about all the stuff he skates and has respect for the earlier years of skateboarding. Check out his visit to the NHS warehouse where he discusses some of his favorite products and graphics!

While Erick is known to skate many classic old-school decks like Eric Dressen’s pro model or the iconic screaming hand, he now has a few pro models of his own that are entering the history books. Arguably one of the most sought-after Santa Cruz decks nowadays is the Winkowski ‘Dope Planet’ model.

At Cruisin City, we‘re obviously big fans of Erick and his skating. We’re currently stocked up on tons of Erick Winkowski pro model gear from Santa Cruz cruiser completes to his pro model OJ Wheels. Click the links below to check out some of Erick’s latest stuff! Then you can hit the streets, or the bowls, or the ramps, or basically anything else imaginable – just like Erick!

Winkowski Santa Cruz Cruiser Completes:

Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Dope Planet’ Cruiser Complete and Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Dope Planet’ Red/Yellow Cruiser Complete

Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Primeval’ 10” Cruiser Complete and Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Primeval’ 9.5” Cruiser Complete

Winkowski OJ Wheels:

OJ Wheels Winkowski ‘Jazz’ Elite Hardline Wheels and OJ Wheels Winkowski ‘Killer Whale’ Elite Wheels

Winkowski Santa Cruz Decks:

Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Photo Op’ 9” Deck and Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Train’ 9” Deck

Santa Cruz Winkowski ‘Train’ Old-School Preissue Deck and Mob x Santa Cruz ‘Dope Planet’ Griptape

Text by Skatetexter

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