Want to Experience Authentic Skateboarding with a Modern Feel? Ride Z-Flex!

It’s no secret that the roots of cruiser skateboards lie in the surf culture of the 1970s.

When the waves were flat, surfers looked for a way to continue their love of the carve on land.

Through a little Californian innovation, sidewalk surfing was born!

Very few brands still exist today with ties to this era of skateboarding. Not many skate brands even existed at all in the 70s!

Z-Flex rider Jay Adams blasting a frontside carve

At the time, skateboarding was truly in its infancy. The same goes for skate products of the era. 

Skaters in the 70s were still learning how to create decks that would last, experimenting with materials like fiberglass before working with maple plies like we see today.

Even wheels went through different phases, including metal and clay before the superior urethane mixture we now know of was discovered. 

The innovation in skateboard design is really what has led to the tricks, disciplines, and progression that we now see in modern skateboarding.

Few brands have innovated our beloved skateboard in quite the same way that Z-Flex Skateboards has!

A Legacy of Skateboard Innovation

The beginning of Z-Flex Skateboards dates all the way back to 1975.

To put it in perspective, this was before the ollie was invented and before many other legacy brands like Powell-Peralta were founded. Talk about a throwback!

A classic Z-Flex magazine ad featuring Jimmy Plumer

Some of the first Z-Flex boards were made of inferior balsa wood before the step-father of iconic Z-Flex team rider Jay Adams produced a fiberglass deck model.

However, it wasn’t long after that they continued their innovation by using stronger, longer-lasting maple plies to produce decks, similar to what we now skate today. 

Like decks, Z-Flex continued to improve on the wheels that skaters were using at the time. 

In fact, Z-Flex is credited with originating the use of urethane to produce skateboard wheels!

This may have truly been one of the most important innovations in skateboard history. Wheels are a massive part of what makes the modern skateboard cruise like it should on different surfaces. Try skating metal wheels if you disagree!

The point is, Z-Flex Skateboards have earned a legacy in skateboard innovation. As we fast forward over 40 years from the founding of Z-Flex, this legacy continues in various ways.

Staying True To Heritage

One of the most iconic Z-Flex models is the legendary “Jay Adams Model”.

Originally released in 1978, this board is a direct result of the creativity of Jay Adams and his step-dad. The board features a clean and simple design, accented by two vertical Z-Flex logos and “Jay Adams Model” lettering.

While you can find this board in the Nation Museum of American History, Z-Flex continues the Jay Adams legacy today.

Modern ’Jay Adams Model’ Metal Flake Cruiser Skateboards in Gold

In revised colorways including a super rad ‘metal flake’ version, the Jay Adams Model is still alive and well in the Z-Flex cruiser skateboard lineup.

The best part, the components of the cruiser have been carefully updated to give the board an “original” old school ride and feel with the modern precision performance you expect from a premium skateboard today. 

While Jay Adams is no longer with us (RIP), we imagine that the modern Jay Adams Model cruisers are pretty much the closest thing to what him and his step-dad were going for many years ago in California.

When riding one of these Z-Flex boards, you quite literally experience one of the earliest skateboard designs in its best form. You experience what a young Jay Adams envisioned for “the perfect board” in the 70’s.

Not only are these boards a blast to skate, they’re essentially a way to experience an important moment in skateboarding history for yourself!

To learn more about the Jay Adams Model (and the creation of Z-Flex!), learn from the legend himself in this video!

Z-Flex also has a full lineup of super rad cruisers featuring California-inspired graphics and designs by renowned artists.

Check out our Z-Flex Cruiser Skateboards category to see what we have in stock!

A New Era: Z-Flex Surfskates!

Now, you can experience the next generation of Z-Flex innovation yourself – Z-Flex Surfskates!

Surfskates are a unique type of cruiser board that takes sidewalk surfing to a whole new level.

A Z-Flex Surfskate Front Truck Assembly

Basically, surfskates are created with the help of a unique assembly beneath the front truck of a cruiser skateboard.

Actually, this assembly is a bit of an engineering masterpiece, as it alters the physics of your board so that you can literally create momentum without pushing. 

As you carve from side to side, the surfskate rotates within a certain radius beneath the front truck.

The truck itself can still turn at its kingpin, but the surfskate rotates it at the base. 

The result of this is a special ‘carving’ sensation that just happens to be incredibly similar to carving an ocean wave.

Just as you can pump on a wave to generate speed, you can carve and pump a surfskate to generate momentum.

It’s a bit difficult to truly describe the surfskate experience – it’s just something you have to experience yourself! It’s like no other skateboard, cruiser, or longboard you’ve ridden, but we can say that surfskates are really freaking fun!

What Will Z-Flex Come Up With Next?

The Z-Flex legacy is far from over – some might even say it’s just getting started! 

Today, Z-Flex continues to work with leading artists and graphic designers to come up with super rad graphics.

Many of their boards feature stylish stained veneers and even woven veneers that give their boards a truly unique look that you won’t find with other cruiser skateboard brands. 

Z-Flex wouldn’t still be here if their boards didn’t have a reputation for quality.

Especially Z-Flex cruiser completes, which are outfitted with their own Z-Flex branded trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Many other cruiser brands outsource their cruiser components to outside brands.

When you choose a Z-Flex complete, you are literally getting the full Z-Flex package. Every component has been carefully engineered to work specifically with the cruiser you’re riding.

The result is performance – exactly like the Z-Flex designers intended!

Stay up-to-date on the latest Z-Flex releases by following Z-Flex on Instagram and Z-Flex on YouTube.

In addition, be sure to check out our Z-Flex Cruiser Skateboards category to see the latest Z-Flex cruiser skateboards Cruisin City has in stock

Text by Skatetexter

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