A Collection of Crazy Max Geronzi Cruiser Footage

A Collection of Crazy Max Geronzi Cruiser Footage

It’s true that most people know and love their cruiser skateboard purely for “sidewalk surfing”.

Cruisers are a really fun (and fast) way to carve from point A to point B. The old-school shape and design of most cruisers has even led a few skaters to take them to their local skatepark and shred the bowl.

However, it takes a very special breed of skater to bring their cruiser beyond these elements – to real street spots. Often, the lack of a typical nose or deck concave of old-school cruisers makes modern, technical street tricks quite difficult. But, one skater has accepted this challenge and possibly pushed the limits of what was ever thought possible on a cruiser skateboard – Max Geronzi.

Hailing from southern France, Max Geronzi initially went pro for Cliché Skateboards in 2016. Unfortunately, the Cliché brand ended business shortly after Max was turned pro. Now, in 2019, Almost Skateboards announced that Max had officially joined their pro squad alongside legends like Rodney Mullen, Youness Amrani, and Yuri Facchini. Not long after the announcement with Almost, Max released a video part that was different than what practically anyone had seen in skateboarding – an all cruiser/old-school board part! The part was rightfully called “Back to the 80’s”. 

See the “Back to the 80’s” video part below and prepare to be amazed…

After some searching around, we found that the “Back to the 80’s” part wasn’t actually the first time Max has taken to a cruiser board. In fact, way back in 2014, Vincent Jugnet put together a clip of Max ripping a skatepark on an old Cliché cruiser board. As expected, it’s insane and was way ahead of what anyone was doing on a cruiser skateboard at the time. For example, manual to back smith down a handrail?! Check it out below:

So, we did even more searching and uncovered the gold mine of Max Geronzi cruiser footage on Instagram. Check it out at @maxgeronzi. With so many dope clips, we had the idea to compile some of the craziest ones into one place. Simply scroll down and get your fill of the gnarliest Geronzi cruiser footage out there…

Max has switch tre flipped this same spot years ago, but this may be just as gnarly.


Possibly the most tech ledge trick ever done on an old school board.


Who says cruisers don’t have pop?!


You thought tre flips were hard on a cruiser? Try it with snowboard boots.

Apparently, you don’t even need a tail to do a tre flip…

Kickflip nose manny… except there’s not really even a nose.

Old school and new school tricks – done only on an old school board.

Full cab back lip and a nollie tre in the same damn line.

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Coastin‘ over a cart with a steezy melon grab

No nose? No problem! Max will noseslide a handrail with it…

A collection of steeze with a kickflip back smith to end it.

Ever seen a front board like this one?!


Max takes his cruiser to MACBA for some tech ledge maneuvers.

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What can we learn from all this dope footage?! First, Max Geronzi absolutely rips. But second, it’s that the possibilities truly are endless with your cruiser skateboard!

It’s all about fun, so get inspired and go try some tricks on your cruiser like Max!

Text by Skatetexter.

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